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This morning

I had WOOD so hard, I snuggled this wood between my wifes ass cheeks. She likes spooning like that.

She kept fading in and out of sleep between snooze alarms. She WOOD hold my hardon and fade off to sleep, I'd do that thrust thing men do with the penis to encourage the penis and the woman.

She faded in and out of sleep some more. Finally we spooned. I got my stiffy between her ass cheeks {just like she wants it} and she awoke to that feeling. She said "Your dick is so hard!".

She went to go pee and start her coffee, and came back to bed and climbed up on top of me, giving me a full face of her 40D titties! As it happens my cock found her pussy, tho it was dryish we were able to get the hip thing going on to get it in.

It started with just the tip. You guys know that feeling, just 1" of our cock in her cunt and she is rubbing it against her clit! Damn! If I wasn't hard enough before she came upon me I was after her fisrt orgasm!

She kept thursting down, I thrusted up, our members met with mutual pleasure.

Now she likes it underneath, so I gave her what she likes best. I started slow, stopped, started again a bit faster, stopped, then went full squirt in our third passionate excercise of maritial bliss.

I kissed her neck she moaned. I thrusted she moaned louder. I pumped, we came together I stayed hard. She napped a bit, I nudged her to get up, else she'd be late for work.

As she left I gathered up her ass again in my hand when she stood up. I could feel my cum on her ass as it oozed out her love canal.

Does this post belong here?

or in Erotic LJ?

let me know

and BTW my wife does not want to know IF I posted this [as i read it to her just minutes ago] she is embarrased and thinks it is to personal a thing to share with all you strangers on the internet.

I told her many men and women like to discuss this kind of topic out loud and public and even on the internet. She is not sure I should post this "sex stuff".

should I post more, or less, or not at all. Mens votes=? and Womens votes=?
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